Reconnective Healing™ Stories From Kevin's Practice


My clientss have experienced a full range of sensory experiences from my Reconnective practice as well as healing from chronic infections, emotional disturbances and other ailments. Having practiced energy work for over a decade, none of my work prior to The Reconnection has elicited such a strong patient response. More than anything, I feel that these stories have the power to help validate what is a very personal experience of the energetic shift which takes place. No one story is going to resonate with every person who reads it.

Two stories impacted me most profoundly. One is from a woman in Alexandria, VA who knew nothing at all about the Reconnection before having her session. When we talked after her healing, she very sheepishly described having sensed the presence of three entities, a man a woman and a bird. She thought she was hallucinating until I showed her the passage from Eric Pearl's book relating that exact same experience related by multiple patients he saw in Los Angeles. The impact of this patient experience was mostly about me, since she was the very first patient I saw after my training by Dr. Pearl.

Another patient, Mary K., also of Alexandria, related activations on every sensory level including seeing entities, being able to see my hands projecting purple light (her eyes were continuously closed during her session) and having what she believed were visualizations from past lives. She also related having imagery of her energetics being manipulated in various ways. Most people have less profound experiences and most describe feeling wonderful experiencing the energy The most important thing for my patients to remember is that they get the experience for which they are ready.

Long Distance healing Sessions

Over the last decade I have done much of my work at long distance. Reconnective Healing is a very powerful multidimensional practice which is extremely effective no matter where you are relative to your practitioner. I have had my clients report that the experience was every bit as intense as when they have had sessions in person. If you are not able to travel to see me or your condition leaves you unable leave your home, then consider a long distance session.

Kate J. of Alexandria, VA had received both The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing from me as a local client. When issues arose calling for additional work, they were done from 3,000 miles away. This ia Kates's Experience:

:I have to admit that I was skeptical. Distance healing from over 3,000 miles away? I did not know what to expect, so I kept an open mind. Kevin helped me understand what was going to happen, when, what I should and should not do and when we would start. I was excited, let me tell you, and I was not disappointed. From the moment Kevin connected with me, from the distance of over 3,000 miles away, I felt energy rising in my body and intensifying as it moved across my body, up and down my legs, over my torso and around my head. At one point, I nearly forgot what was going on because what I was feeling was so amazing, so I kept reminding myself to be present and enjoy the experience. When Kevin finished he phoned me back to see how I was doing. I had a difficult time expressing myself, and all I could say was something like, "Wow, that was incredible." Since my distance healing experience, I've thought a good deal about what I was feeling, how I am being as a result, and and where do I go from here. When Kevin did my Reconnection Healing and The Reconnection sessions, my experience was intense and immediate. I wondered how anything done from a distance could measure up to those three sessions. I am grateful that Kevin gave me the opportunity to experience the pleasure of distance healing and would encourage everyone to give distance healing with Kevin a go. You will be blessed if you do. KMJ, Alexandria, VA

Jessica M. also of Alexandria had long distance healing and was profoundly impacted. So much so that she engaged me to help her grandfather in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He experienced the frequency in a very profound way and was most impressed by the overwhelming sense of peace the session generated. Jessica experienced a lucid dream in the context of her's and her grandfather's session about which she wrote.. "In my personal experience I had an angel who came and visit me the night you were working with my grandfather. I saw his presence and he told me something in conversation between my soul and his. I know they are in an other dimension they come and took to me and they gave strength" and she further relates her story in Spanish:

"Quiero agradecer a Kevin Kiernar por la voluntad que el siempre tiene en recivirme y ayudarme a mi y a mi familia Gracias a Dios, Kevin tiene la sabiduria de ser la antena entre los instrumentos perfectos de Dios y nosotros los seres humanos que estamos en la tierra siempre buscando una esperanza especialmente en los momentos en los que nos sentimos acorralados. Espero poder tener siempre la oportunidad de trabajar con Kevin ."

This translates into English as:

I want to thank Kevin Kiernan for always being willing to receive me and my family. Thank God Kevin has the knowledge to be the antenna between God's perfect instruments and we human beings always looking for hope especially during those moments when we feel trapped. I hope to always have the opportunity to work with Kevin. With my heart, Jessica.

- Kevin Kiernan Trinity Wellness LLC