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Welcome! The info and links below will give you a comprehensive "snap shot" introduction to me and my Reconnective Healing® practice.

If you should have any questions, would like additional information or would like to make an appointment for a session, please feel free to contact me at:

571-436-4164 or on Skype My status


My Holistic Healing practice is Global and I am presently bi-located in Alexandria, VA serving metropolitan DC, VA and MD, from Del Ray Wellness located at 2002 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA and in NYC at The Meta Center at 214 West 29th Street. I routinely provide Distance healing from here both nationally & internationally, most recently to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can serve you with this amazing practice no matter where you are on the planet. I travel with this work extensively, so I may be in your area soon. Check my event calendar for details at Reconnective Healing Seminars and for Practitioner Mentoring at Trinity Mentoring


........................................................I look forward to meeting you!

Kevin Kiernan started his work in the healing arts as a clinical microbiologist in the 1970's and worked in conventional sciences for many years before discovering his gift for holistic healing. Originally trained by an energy "adept" mentor from 1997-98 and later becoming an Usui Reiki Master, Kevin only needed one evening with Eric Pearl to decide that The Reconnection® was his calling. Now exclusively a Reconnective Practitioner, Practitioner Mentor and Teaching Assistant with The Reconnection®, Kevin is pleased to offer Reconnective Healing® globally and The Reconnection® in person to his clients... It is often nothing short of miraculous.

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